Saturday, September 10, 2011


Years ago when I'd been home long enough that I felt able to be a bit independent, my good wife and constant caretaker gave me this cute metal bug to keep me company while she went off on a well earned retreat. It worked!  With "Bug" by my supper dish I felt no need to party with those pesky neighborhood  Dancing Girls.  With house and home intact on her refreshed return, we'd made another great step in surviving the disaster of my "minor" spinal cord injury.   

Now I need to take a break for new surgery. I'll be out of commission for a number of weeks so here's that same little guy to hold my place here 'til I'm able to post again.  Hang in there, - I'll be back.

"To lose one's health renders science null, art inglorious, strength unavailing, wealth useless and eloquence powerless."  Herophilus