Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Fall

Watching director Tarsem Singh's "The Fall" is like paging though a great photographer's portfolio while listening to The Arabian Nights merged with The Wizard of Oz. A relatively simple plot becomes a highly imaginative story as suicidal paraplegic Roy Walker (Lee Pace) spins a tale for whimsical 5 year old patient Alexandra (Catinca Untaru) to con her into stealing drugs from the hospital dispensary. This film is visually engaging right from the punchy B&W initial credits all the way through the gorgeous color settings in South Africa, India, Bali, Romania, to the great costumes of outsized characters in the "tales". Even small props are treated with photographic respect. Those who appreciate great color and creative visual twists, should put this on their list of must-see movies.

You can see some stills from "The Fall" at

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