Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Real Sketch

I've mentioned before that I keep a sketch-book in the car for those times when I may have to wait for doctor, wife or performance. These three pieces taken from my "waiting"  sketch-books, are for me the very definition of the word "sketch", - a drawing where details are barely noted, darks are massed hatchings and most lines are loose and approximate.  I use this technique when I'm sure that time is short and I want a work in which I can look back and feel that I know how the whole scene, object or building looked, - a good over-all impression.

Over the years I've found that people often use the word "sketch" as an alternative to the word "draw".  In the past when most of my drawings were many hours in the making, I cringed as they spoke, saying,  "No, a 'drawing' is a strong deliberate work, while a 'sketch' is a quick, almost off-hand sort of thing". It made sense to me, - but in the end,  as Gertrude Stein might have said, "A drawing is a drawing is a drawing".   I like it all!

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