Sunday, August 7, 2011


As often is the case, here I am drawing cars in parking lots while waiting for Lorraine to do her shopping.  I may have more of these than any other sketch-book subject. Naturally the big challenge is to complete the cars before the owner moves the car, someone blocks the view with a van, or Lorraine finishes her shopping and it's time to move on.

Looking forward, someday these works will have that "old time" feel because of the "vintage" autos pictured! I love looking at the drawings and paintings of those like
Edward Hopper who gives us a sense of a very 
particular time. He did a series of watercolors done in Gloucester and Marblehead  that  easily carries us back.

I've recently been looking at some cataloged reproductions and realized that my appreciation of the works would have been enhanced by knowing the original sizes.  Scale is important!  These pieces are all approximately 5x8 inches."The man who will go down to posterity is the manwho paints his own time and the scenes of everyday life around him."

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