Sunday, May 13, 2012

Waiting at the Car Wash

As I write, tomorrow is "Mother's Day" and we will likely go out for a nice breakfast to celebrate.  What a funny people we are!  To make the day more special the car has to be clean! I'd bet most people were there at the car wash doing exactly the same thing for just the same reason. (I asked!) One woman admitted that she usually washes her own car, but decided to have the whole thing done, interior too, just because she would be driving a mile or two with her mother to a local restaurant for "brunch", an all-you-can-eat buffet featuring an extravagantly wide menu. I like the idea but can't imagine my 93 lb. mother happy there. Not a good place for a sketchbook either.
I "always" take my sketch book to any place where I'll likely to have a wait.  I hate to waste the time watching the TV or staring out the window. Its much more interesting to study people and at the same time, get in some practice! Unfortunately I forgot the sketchbook today so here I've  added a few of the "waiting" drawings I've done in the past. Coincidently, the piece above was done in the same facility almost exactly five years ago to the day.  Hmn,  think about that.

As you can see, sometimes the subject sits quietly enough that I can do a reasonably finished drawing. That was the case with this gentleman in the hat who was waiting for his car to be repaired at our local Buick dealership a few years ago. The funny thing is I'm sure I have drawn him before. I think in an area Doctor's office. I'll have to look for that one!

You may draw quickly in an almost gestural way as you try to capture the whole figure or you might work methodically on a detailed portrait, planning to get down as much as possible before the person moves. Whatever your plan, you can't do it at all without your tools!  Make it good practice to keep a sketchbook and favorite pen in your car, your book-bag, - somewhere nearby so that you never miss an opportunity to draw.   As a serious artist, you must, - even on a happy holiday like Mother's Day.  And...  you'll be less likely to pursue some silly poll to post in a blog. Just draw!

"You learn to draw by drawing."   Mick Maslin

"An artist is a sketchbook with a person attached."  Irwin Greenberg

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