Sunday, December 9, 2012

Looking for Comments!

This is an interim post with no new art image! I'm looking for comments regarding this art blog! I know we have quite a few regular readers (or lookers!) around the world but most remain completely anonymous! Historically this blog attracts between five and six hundred hits per month. The current number is higher than ever at 668 in the last four weeks! Those hits are from many countries around the world led by The United States, closely followed (this month) by the United Kingdom, India, Russia, Canada, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Philippines and Israel. I believe every single country in the world has brought at least one visitor. My problem is: I really don't know who you are, what brought you here, what you see or read here that keeps you coming back. I rarely find comments left. (Perhaps you need to be a "Follower" to do that?)  So how about some communication focused back in this direction? If somehow you cannot use the comment box, email me at < >.  I'd love to know where you are, something about yourself and what you find good or useful about my "Dailies" posts? Do you share, forward or recommend these posts? Are you a "Follower?  (I'd certainly like to see more of you on that list!) I really look forward to reading your comments! Thank you!

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