Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pen stroke

This nude, done several years ago, is shown only partly so that we can zero in on the subject of this weeks blog, the pen stroke and the "artist's hand".
 Working with a fine line Staedler pen I've drawn simple outlines and added hatching to indicate shadow/shading in order to show form.  I've included a close-up so that you can see how little hatching is needed to suggest shadow and form.   You can see how quickly those hatchings were done, one quick line after another in which you see the slight curve in each line because of the wrist action's arc.  Really, it's all in the wrist!

 Sometimes it's not fine art that is the object but a record, a plan, or a nebulous idea that needs to be visualized, - then those hatchings tend to be quicker, less substantial, - just enough to get across the idea of shading or volume .

The jug and antique shears were part of a book illustration idea of a few years ago. You just never know where or how your talents with a pen in hand may be used!

  And .... you can always draw the cat!

"Art is skill; that is the first meaning of the word."   Eric Gill

"The song of the curved line is called happiness."   Rene Crevel

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