Friday, December 30, 2016

Local Color!

As you know my primary focus is drawing but i do sometimes paint. I pulled this from an old file folder - two examples of my early ventures into observational painting, a series depicting some of the old homes in our area.  It's funny,  when I think of my work in general, I usually think of a light touch, subtle color, fine gradations, etc, much like  the one below. But when I pulled this red brick from a dusty portfolio, it's strength surprised me! All that color and action - repeated rectangles and writhing branches!

This piece below, much more the kind of stuff I would usually have claimed as mine, was my first successful attempt in that painting series. It hangs fairly quietly framed on my bedroom wall.

If you are familiar with my work, I'm sure you can see why I chose these subjects in the first place. Yes, I like old architecture (our own home was built circa 1840) and I particularly enjoy drawing gnarly old trees so the combination was just my cup of tea! I suppose, with all the emphasis on the tree, I could have treated the tree alone but I do love the interaction between nature's work and man's - look at the wonderful contrast between tree and house in color, shape, texture. Then, with the addition of those subtle repetitions of branch shapes as shadows on the facade! Who could ask for more?

"Bloom where you are planted."   Latin Proverb

"Those who will not start, will never finish."   Jack Adams

"Painting is easy,  getting it right is the hard bit."   Danny Byrne

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