Thursday, January 26, 2012


My last post about recent surgery and my hospital time on the Clinitron Bed has put my mind back to the year following the original injury 20 years ago.  A psychologist friend had warned I'd entered a strange new world with no knowledge of customs, climate or language. I'd have to find my way around.  And so I have! My first significant drawings those days dealt with the profound losses of mobility, independence and an overwhelming grief which was crippling in itself. Once pointed in the right direction though, I was off and run  .... er, rolling!  

Being a control freak, I put my mind to being the best chair pilot possible and soon found any incline a classroom, every bump a lesson.  Did you know that spinning around backward in a wheelchair can land you, as my good Irish grandmother would say, "arse over teakettle" on the floor?  Me neither!  My very good PT when starting me in my new light-weight chair, had said "Don't go anywhere." Hey, It was a "Quickie" and she hadn't said, "Don't move!

A year later, on a first time out to a friend's house party, I transferred from the car to my chair and almost instantly found l'd flipped over backward because of a small driveway depression. I waved to gasping friends on the porch.  I'd made a wonderful "in-charge" entrance!

I cannot number the times I've found my self upended on the ground either cringing in embarrassment  or more likely, howling at the hilarious situation.  Just as in ordinary life, you have to keep on "keepin' on"!  In fact, in most ways. my life in the chair has become ordinary.  I often whiz around the mall quite confidently, moving much more quickly than other shoppers, then seeing myself reflected in a shop window, think,  Wow,  I'm in a wheelchair!  I'd almost forgotten!

"Happiness can exist only in acceptance." George Orwell

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  1. I just read your 2 new blogs Phil and love your artwork and your writings as always a great read for me. I just love that red pear and apple! They look alive! Sharon :-)