Sunday, April 24, 2011


 People often refer to artists as "Gifted".  I'm sure there is some truth in that.  (A first  recollection of drawing was pointed up by my mother's anguish on finding my crayon drawing of a very, very long train on the very newly papered walls of our rented apartment)   But when it comes to observational drawing, most of us learn by doing and by learning to "See".  I keep my sketchbook nearby so I can practice "Seeing" anytime.   These tomatoes sat on our kitchen counter a while ago and in a few (40?) minutes,  I produced this drawing.  They conveniently held very still the whole time!

Some evenings I draw while watching TV.  I particularly like talk shows and the political panels on C-Span.  I love trying to get down a quick likeness directly - no preliminary pencil -  as these "talking heads" expound and gesture while the camera shifts from person to person.  It's fun; you have to look fast and hard!  Here are a few.  Tell me if you recognize anyone!

I work the same way when out in public, - trying to capture the character of those around me.  Life being what it is I spend quite a bit of time in doctors' waiting rooms and we all know the kind of time you can spend there!

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  1. Hey, since I see your work "first hand", it's actually special to see them on your blog. Keep on keepin" on. ♥♥♥