Sunday, April 17, 2011

Trees: A dull subject!

I like trees. I enjoy capturing the essential elements, getting familiar with the details. How they differ from type to type for instance. A few years ago I happened on a speaker in a chain bookstore touting his book, a collection of drawings showing the different trees of this country. A wonderful idea but a terribly dull book!  While you could recognize the different trees, the drawings themselves were, for me, a problem; flat, bland and boring!    
Information IS important but in the end  for me the art is paramount.  As an artist I want to stay interested!  In some of today's cartoons, each panel is essentially the same, only the words change.  I'd die doing that, - I'm not a writer. (you can see that!)  I love to draw! I love the mark on paper.  I love the line that describes the object!  I may like trees, cats (My wife LOVES cats!)  people or any number of things but whatever the subject I want the viewer as well as myself to enjoy the art, the way the marks describe shape, texture and form.   Here are a few "tree" drawings, - different times, different places. - see what I mean? 

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