Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Down Time

So there I was  in the hospital again, with little to do but wait. The guy in the next bed kept me awake half  the night with his rambling delusional talk, mostly mumbling in his sleep. He was a real piece of work!  I never could speak with him directly.  He was mostly "out of it". ( I wonder, - could it be he was a drinker?  Nah!) As I do sometimes I added "text" to the drawing to capture the spirit of the moment.   Read it and, ...  Bleep!

On the left is the record of another time waiting in a hospital room.  This time, I think, in the aftermath of a "stent" procedure.  There were no problems and this time no "interesting" room-mate to keep me company so I did what comes naturally and made a drawing to memorialize the occasion.  It is self explanatory.

It seems to be in the natural order of things to spend a fair amount of time visiting Doctors and hospitals. Aside from the aging process, I have the additional problem of paraplegia so I guess it is my lot, (as it is with so many people) but I really do get tired of constantly "taking time" from the activities and people I love.  I swear, between the medical appointments, the additional time it takes for simple daily activities and the time I must be "horizontal" each day, there's little left for much else!

"A Hospital is no place to be sick."  Samuel Goldwyn

"There's time enough, but none to spare."  Charles Chesnutt

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