Saturday, March 24, 2012

The News

I had intended to make this post about trees in general, - showing a number of different  types I'd drawn while cataloging my efforts to point out their varied structures. Looking at this one pine was enough though,  - this tree was the  right one!  I'd eyed it in the past but for one reason or another I'd missed doing it several times.  Had I never drawn it,  I'd be mourning.

This tree along with a few smaller, stood for years near our doctor's parking lot, breaking the cold west wind in winter, casting soft shadows in hot summer days. Imagine a slow moving woman returning to what could have been a boiling car to catch her breath after some cosmic news. Good or bad, that tree would have helped. Now it's gone.

It stood in the way of, - yes, a larger parking lot! The doctor is gone, his office demolished, - a nearby business needed to expand. The clear cutting must have something to do with insurance or a limited budget.  It's certainly easier to bring in the dozers to make it all smooth, open and clean, - so, no complications, no problems, - and no tree!

You can see I had time, so no hurried sketch,  no rush to another errand.  I really enjoyed drawing it, getting to know it.  Glad I did!

    "The purpose of life is to remember."   Henry Miller

 "It is only a little planet, but how beautiful it is."  Robinson Jeffers


  1. My dear friend Pam has the same view about old houses...especially those soon to be demolished. She goes with her camera, takes pictures (if she can sneak inside, she does so), so that the house will be remembered.

    1. Thanks Melissa, I'd love to see some of Pam's photos. They sound interesting!