Saturday, March 31, 2012

TV games

I really do like drawing directly from life but when unable to get out to the weekly figure sessions or even out to get an oil change with sketch book in hand, next best thing is TV. I like interesting faces and you have to go along way to find more interesting features than on our esteemed public figures and commentators.  It is a real challenge to catch a pose or specific character as the camera switches from one speaker to another. Working a couple of figures at the same time is the way to go!  Switch back and forth. - It's fun!
I watch C-span, listen to the debates and do quick portraits as speakers present one political point or another.  BTW, I find that starting with the nose, working out toward the sides of the face, and up and down to finish is best. The nose becomes a central reference for size and positioning of other elements, and that way you are never stuck without room to fit various features within a certain space.

Working directly, as I do, with a fine line pen sharpens perception and forces constant evaluation and re-evaluation of your judgments about relative size and placement of various elements. I usually draw much the same way when out in public drawing people in doctors' waiting rooms or auto service centers. If you start with those figures close by then work back into the drawing one figure (or element) at a time, all will fall into place!
Call it  portrait or caricature, it still works!

Who the heck is Tim Lynch?

 ..and T.W.?

"Only God creates, the rest of us just copy."  Michelangelo

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