Sunday, July 1, 2012

A bit of Color

I've had a request for some color.  It seems I've been pushing a lot of black and white lately.  Everyone knows I really love simple black line whether comic cartoon or serious depiction of threatened trees but that's not the whole story. For years I barely touched color believing I could say whatever I needed with a monochromatic pallet.  Portrait work changed all that!  I love the life that color gives soft skin. Even the very little bit of color I've  used here does that!
These are portraits of a great model, a true professional and a wonderful person to boot! Her very serious expressions here belie her happy disposition and warm personality. The color drawings of her I've posted over the past year are the most visited of all in this blog.  People from all over the world come back to them time after time, checking the drawings at my "Keeping it simple" and "Child's Play" blog posts of May last year.  Check to see how well she does at making my drawings look really good.  She is busy all the time, in demand by every drawing group in this metropolitan area. I'm lucky to have had her as a model during the last few years.  I'm tickled pink!

"To get someone to pose, you have to be very good friends and above all speak the language. "   Pierre-Auguste Renoir

"Colors speak all languages."   Joseph Addison

"It's not easy being green."  Kermit


  1. Love these, some bold dashes of line and color yet the subtlety of her body detail is beautiful, much more appealing than the blatant in-your-face (breast)detail some use.

  2. ebri, I appreciate your interest in the blog and your positive comments. I love drawing and figure work in particular. Your good words reenforce that commitment! Thanks for looking and sharing your thoughts.