Wednesday, July 29, 2015


This is a continuation of last week's post dealing with 3-dimensional form but here with emphasis on contour line. It's the same pregnant model in both drawings done one right after the other. I don't remember what the circumstances were and which was done first but it's obvious that my mode (or my mood!) changed between one and the other. I may have started fast and loose in the first then settled down to work in a more consistent manner in the second. You can see it's done with more care,  more attention to proportion.  I know it is more true to life. That consistency gives it a sense of completion.  For me it's a "finished" work of art . 

On the other hand there are times when a
looser drawing might be seen as a better one. Sometimes it is better to draw confidently than to draw accurately.
The drawing above gains some strength with distorted features, as if we are looking up at her, and because exaggerated contrast between hard lines, hatched shadows and smooth highlights in the torso produces more 3-dimensional "punch".

Unfortunately other flaws get in the way. The high- lights on her face are not well organized, perhaps poorly observed, so the face does not "read" well. That is much more a problem than the linear distortions of the face. The other, and most offensive no-no for me, is that miserable right hand that looks like a bunch of soft sausages, - it's not convincing at all!  It's obvious I was unsure when I drew it. I guess I'm still learning!

As with all of these posts, if you want to draw well, decide what you like, take the ideas that work for you and spend a good deal of your time in   observational drawing.  Start where you are, with the talent you have and just work at it!

"A curved line is the loveliest distance between two points."   Anonymous

 "Nothing is more beautiful than a line that brings out a form."   Mary Beth McKenzie

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