Thursday, July 9, 2015


This is a quick post with another couple of figures and that simple background I call a "Grill' added. Unusual for me, -  these two are clothed or partly clothed rather than nude - but that is not the point of the post.  Other artists post work in a take it or leave it way, assuming simple interest and acceptance. I'm a teacher as well as an artist so usually want to offer something more and perhaps even receive a bit more in return. Dialogue, whether with others or even yourself, is often quite productive.

As I work on a series, I often put pieces up side-by-side in my studio to evaluate relative strengths and judge continuity. Do you work the same way? The three I posted two weeks ago seemed to work quite well together. These were created as part of the same series but I wonder if they work as well?

Does the one on the left with blue lines pushing up against the figure emphasize the contour too much?  Is the blue grill itself so compelling it becomes more interesting than the figure? (Is that a bad thing?) I think the concept is a bit more creative than the male figure with the dark ground but I do like the way the male figure's solidity is enhanced by the contrast between figure and dark square.

If you were curating an exhibition or editing a book, would you take both of these?  Could they easily exist adjacent to each other on the same wall?  Is there too much tension in the color or stylistic differences, - or does that create interest? (Careful, now! You wouldn't want to bruise my ego!)  - Again, does it speak to you?

"If one way be better than another, that you may be sure is nature's way."   Aristotle

"My paintings are made up of what remains after eliminating everything unwanted."   Alan Feltus


  1. Hi Philip Very inspiring blog many greetings from Micaela and Alex in Denmark and Sweden who spent xmas with u 15 years ago :)

    1. Hey, Micaela! So nice to see your name here! Thanks for your kind comments about the blog and for remembering that Christmas visit. Do you ever get back to the U.S. ? Pls reply via email to -