Friday, July 17, 2015

Paul Again

After last weeks post where a favorite model, Paul, was featured in a strong drawing,  I went back into the cob-webbed vaults of the misty past (Old sketchbooks that is) and found these two drawings, - Paul in a couple of his iconic poses.  I drew both of these using a burnt ochre pencil but on the first I went back and reworked it using violet.  Looking closely at some of those offhand violet lines, I think it must have been late in the pose and I was really hurrying! I  certainly overdid it, especially there on the right shoulder, - but still, it's a stronger drawing, - more interesting because of the dual color. On the other hand I really should have been  more careful!

In this second one you can see small additions of orange used in a similar way but much more subtly.  I used it to enhance the shadow under the left arm most noticeably but it barely changes the character of the drawing. Perhaps there could have been more. All is not lost tho' - I'm happy with those hands!

"If you don't make mistakes, you aren't really trying."    Colman Hawkins

"Mistakes show us what we need to learn."
   Peter McWilliams

"Make portraits of people in typical, familiar poses,  being sure to give their faces the same kind of  expression as their bodies. "   Edgar Degas

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